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How Social Business Expert Jeff Gibbard Targeted His Top Business Schools

September 18, 2014 by

Jeff Gibbard never had a problem with creativity. But in order to unlock the good life by getting his social business agency off the ground, he needed to give himself a left-brain advantage to get into his top business schools. After studying for the GMAT with Kaplan, he got a scholarship to Drexel’s fast-track MBA program and eventually founded his own social business agency.

Learn how he did it in this Kaplan Q&A with Gibbard.

Q: Why did you decide to get an MBA? 

A: My undergrad degree was in film and media arts. During my studies, I explored other creative outlets, such as photography, graphic design, and basic web development. I tried to start a few businesses, and it quickly became very clear that, in order to reach my full potential, I needed a business education.

Q: So after you decided to go for an MBA, what was … Read full post

Kaplan GMAT Alumn: Making Business Social

May 10, 2012 by

In an earlier post, we kicked off a Kaplan GMAT student success story series.  We want to share our students’ successes to inspire you to reach for your goals because they are attainable.  In fact, your goals are so important to us that you can win cash and prizes just by telling us about them!  We want to know:  Where will you take you?TM

Jeff Gibbard never had a problem with creativity. But in order to get his social business agency off the ground, he needed to give himself a left-brain advantage. After preparing for the GMAT with Kaplan, he got a scholarship to Drexel’s fast-track MBA program and eventually founded his own social business agency.

Q: Why did you decide to get an MBA?

My undergrad degree was in film and media arts. During my studies I explored other creative outlets such as photography, graphic design and basic web … Read full post

GMAT Studying: How to Stay Motivated

April 23, 2012 by

I’ve been studying for the GMAT for some time now, and I’m fighting an uphill battle.  My score increases a little bit each week, but I’m still not hitting my goal.  Recently, I started to feel defeated, so I decided to take a break.  I closed my books and took some time to rest my mind.  As a result, I had to change my test date to the end of May.  I also decided that if I don’t get the score I want, I will go ahead and study the new Integrative Reasoning section of the test and retake the GMAT again in August.  I was so gung-ho in the beginning, I think I may have psyched myself out.  I’m sure many test-takers have had this happen.  I am writing this to let you know, you’re not alone.

My hiatus has allowed me to re-charge and re-focus.  I’m getting back … Read full post

Overlapping Sets on the GMAT

March 12, 2012 by

Throughout my time teaching for Kaplan, I have found that the concept of overlapping sets can be confusing to some students.  It is important to remember that overlapping sets refers to two groups of entities, some of which have one quality, some of which have a different quality, some of which have both qualities, and some of which have neither.

One of the keys to answering these questions is to identify what these qualities are.  However, students who are first learning about overlapping sets questions will often misidentify these categories.  It is essential to keep in mind that for the sets to be overlapping it must be possible for an element to be a member of both groups at the same time.

For example, students who are studying for the GMAT and students who are not studying for the GMAT, while two sets, cannot share any entities, and … Read full post

The GMAT demands a lot. Are you asking too much of yourself?

January 9, 2012 by

When a runway is too short, the plane will either crash on landing or crash on takeoff.  Either way, the plane is gonna crash.

With applications to b-school looming over many of you, the GMAT is an ever-present and perhaps overwhelming new reality.  If you have started studying, then you now know what you wish you had known before: somewhere along the line, the expectations you set for GMAT prep were set entirely too low.  That can be a very frustrating realization, especially when you’ve already scheduled your test date—four weeks from the first time you opened a book or attended a prep class.

A current student is living this issue right now.  I learned of her test date during class 1 and I planted the seed then that if it is at all possible, considering a pushback might be a good idea.  The thing is, I have seen … Read full post

Studying for the GMAT: Clean as you go

December 29, 2011 by

Recently, a colleague of mine emailed me about a previous post.  It is always nice to learn that someone out there is reading my blogroll and even nicer when it strikes a chord deep enough to warrant an unsolicited email!  The post is about the importance of keeping up with your study schedule for maximum GMAT performance.  Basically, I want all you test prep warriors to “clean as you go.”

I always ask my GMAT students who are nearing the end of their Kaplan course if they have any recommendations for incoming students.  While not all of you are or will be Kaplan students, the Top 5 pieces of advice that come from this survey are absolutely generalizable to everyone on the road to Test Day.  Read them and take them to heart, especially because this counsel was borne from the trials and tribulations of people who have been … Read full post

The GMAT isn’t about what you think it’s about

December 10, 2011 by

I’ve got a new crop of eager test-preppers just starting out on their road to GMAT success.  Often, my classes will contain one or two folks with at least some prior GMAT experience, but this group is all green and it’s gonna be fun.  However, before the fun can really get rolling I have to spend time drawing blood.

Many of the battles I must wage (and win) in the GMAT classroom are focused on preconceptions.  Whether a student has GMAT history or is coming in blind, all will inevitably have several strongly held beliefs about the test and everything that comes along with it, including their ability to crack it.  Sometimes, these beliefs will be their most significant road block on the way to hitting their target.

After last night’s class, a student stayed behind for some clarification on Data Sufficiency questions.  This student—let’s call her Jane—believes that … Read full post

The GMAT: Give Thanks

November 24, 2011 by

The mere fact that you are even entertaining the idea of going to b-school, much less that you will actually get there, is reason enough to give thanks.  Sure, we all stumbled along our own circuitous routes.  For some, that route has been more treacherous than others.  But, in each of our own ways, we’ve navigated our respective paths of life and it has brought us to this point, peering at the mountain of graduate education saying confidently to ourselves, “Yep, I got this.”

I sincerely believe in the potential of all people.  If given the right set of circumstances, every one of us can aspire and achieve great things.  Unfortunately, some of our brothers and sisters are not given such a set of circumstances.  Through the course of happenings and structures that are far outside their realm of control, some people of the world are born into … Read full post

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