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Who takes the GMAT?

March 8, 2013 by

The data is out for the 2011-2012 GMAT testing year (TY) and the numbers are quite interesting to review. 286,529 GMAT exams were taken (228,971 of which were from unique test takers, not the same individual retesting) and 831,337 score reports were delivered to over 5,200 graduate management programs worldwide—record numbers across the board. Also, the global trend continues in terms of US vs. non-US citizens taking the GMAT. Five years ago during TY2007-2008, US citizens comprised the majority of GMAT test-takers at 51%. By TY2008-2009, non-US citizens overtook the majority spot at a nearly equivalent percentage breakdown (49/51, US/non-US). For TY2011-2012, the chasm has grown to 41% US vs 59% non-US.

Two players of note in GMAT test taking trends for TY2012 are women and China. 122,283 women took the GMAT in TY2012—43% of the total. Women have also tracked a 4.3% average annual growth rate as … Read full post

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