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Differentiating Yourself With Your Resume

February 29, 2012 by

By Mona Abdel-Halim

You probably read a lot of resume advice about how to ensure your resume makes it in front of your competition. With all of these rules and guidelines, it can seem like a difficult task to get your document to stand out among the tens or hundreds of other applications. You might wonder, How can I insert my personality into my resume? How can I ensure my experience and skills stand out among everyone else’s?

First, let’s make one thing clear — it is not a good idea to use fancy fonts or formatting in order to stand out. In fact, it can disadvantage you by distracting from your content, the skills and achievements you want someone to remember you for.

So how can you ensure your resume shows everything an admissions team member needs to know about you?

Put your achievements at the forefront. Quantify … Read full post

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