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Time Management on the GMAT: When to Guess

November 19, 2009 by

Guessing on the GMAT is a painful decision point – especially for advanced test takers.  In the past, sometimes we were punished for guessing (SATs) and sometimes we were made to feel like we weren’t fully prepared (college Spanish classes!).

However, on the GMAT, while we want to minimize the amount of guess we do, realize that having a guessing strategy in place is important.  A guessing strategy is more important in the Quantitative sections since most test takers find they have a more difficult time finishing that section.  However, it is also important to not lose track of time on the Verbal section.  Primarily there are two distinct times when you want to guess:

Don’t Know the Concept

Honestly, on test day, you have a chance of forgetting one of the several equations you have memorized.  Additionally, sometimes you will look at a Problem Solving question and have no … Read full post

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