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The New GMAT: Integrated Reasoning, pt. 3

February 23, 2012 by

Previously, we looked at Graphic Interpretation and Two-Part Analysis question formats; two of the four new formats GMAT test takers will see in the Integrated Reasoning section poised to hit would-be management grad students in June.  In this post, we will continue our new format probe with an examination of Table Analysis questions.  For more information on the New GMAT, please visit our dedicated website:

This is from the test maker’s website regarding Table Analysis questions:

“Sort the table to organize the data so you can determine whether certain conditions are met. Each question will have statements with opposing answers (e.g., yes/no, true/false, inferable/not inferable); select one answer for each statement.”

Excelophiles unite!  If you are a raving Excel lunatic that just can’t get enough sortable data, then Table Analysis GMAT questions are your new guilty pleasure.  Want a taste?  Click here for three luscious tables.

As … Read full post

The New GMAT: Integrated Reasoning, pt. 2

February 22, 2012 by

In our next installment of the new question format series, we’re going to investigate Two-Part Analysis questions.  Remember, the GMAT is changing in June and that change means a while new section called Integrated Reasoning.  This new section will feature twelve questions in four new formats and result in yet a third score (AWA, GMAT Quant and Verbal in aggregate, and now IR).

This is from the test maker’s website regarding Two-Part Analysis questions:

“Select one answer from each column to solve a problem with a two-part solution. Possible answers will be presented in a table with a column for each part.”

In case you’re feeling particularly curious, GMAC offers up five two-part analysis questions for you here.  Answers to each are provided, but don’t expect any explanations.  As you work through these example questions, be sure to either write down the answers you choose or look … Read full post

The New GMAT: Integrated Reasoning, pt. 1

February 15, 2012 by

Let’s have a quick look at one of four new question formats test takers will see on the New GMAT among the twelve Integrated Reasoning questions in the new section: Graphics Interpretation.  From the test maker’s website:

“Interpret the graph or graphical image and select the option from a drop-down list to make the answer statements accurate.”

For your enjoyment, GMAC provides four in-format graphics consisting of two or three questions each (click here to get started).  While the answers are provided, unfortunately the explanations are not.  Also, be sure to either write down the answers you choose or look at the correct answer before you move onto the next graphic.  If you answer all of them consecutively with the plan to go back and review them consecutively, you will be disappointed (like me!).

As for this inquisitor, I found the Graphics Interpretation questions to be pretty interesting.  The … Read full post

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