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Why Do You Want an MBA?

December 23, 2014 by

Although quantifying a school’s profile certainly does not tell you everything, it can sometimes be helpful in simplifying the many differences between the various MBA programs. We recently surveyed a number of visitors to our site to get a feel for the concerns, plans, and mind-sets of this season’s MBA applicants. The results are in, and for those who are curious about their fellow applicants’ views on business school, here is some of the collected data.

A common question business school candidates encounter both in their personal lives and as part of the application process is essentially “Why do you want an MBA?” So we naturally included this query in our informal survey of site visitors earlier this year.

The majority of respondents—43.6%—said they planned to attend business school to change their career path. This seemed generally in line with what we saw last season, when we asked candidates … Read full post

6 Tips for Getting MBA Tuition Reimbursement From Your Employer

November 26, 2014 by

Have you ever asked your boss for a raise? This isn’t a conversation most of us relish, so, all too often, we put it off, hoping our bosses will just notice all the amazing things we do and eagerly reward us when we obliquely bring up the uncomfortable topic of earning more money.

Asking your employer to provide MBA tuition reimbursement is not unlike asking for a raise, and you have similarly low chances of success if you apply the evasive strategy above.

Getting your employer to pay for your MBA requires that you make a compelling case to convince him or her of your value to the company, and the value of that future degree in your hands.

So, how can you make your case to your boss to pay for your MBA?

1. Know your company 

The process starts with doing your homework (doesn’t everything?). Read your employee … Read full post

5 Reasons to Consider Working Overseas

March 29, 2012 by

By: Mona Abdel-Halim

If you’ve considered working in another country, now might not be a bad time to do so, particularly with today’s job market still looking dismal for young professionals. In fact, over the past five years or so, the rate at which Americans are leaving the U.S. has risen sharply. The number of expatriate Americans in 2011 was around 4 million, and the number continues to rise.

Plus, these opportunities to experience new cultures and gain unique work experience will certainly set you apart from your peers in the future.

Check out these reasons to consider heading overseas for your career:

New career opportunities. Whether you currently have a job or are searching for something new, heading overseas is a great way to open up new doors for your professional life. For instance, if you’re already employed, it’s possible that you’ll meet new people within your current organization … Read full post

Does MBA = The Big Buck$ ?

January 22, 2012 by

I don’t read Forbes magazine with any regularity.  If there is a copy in the dentist’s office, then I might pick it up and look at the cover, but will rarely be enticed to actually open it and read an article.  However, as is becoming ever more apparent, the age of print media is ceding tremendous ground to its virtual counterparts.  As proof, I come across an interesting Forbes article online with some notable frequency.  Here’s the latest eye catcher:

The MBA Megabucks CEOs” has a title I just couldn’t pass up.  Maybe it was the timing—GMACs’ 2012 Alumni Perspectives Survey Report was recently released and in it we learned a couple things about remuneration trends with MBA degree holders.  Anyway, it reads almost like an article out of People; full of straw-man evidence and blanket statements that get folks comparing themselves to others in useless ways.  … Read full post

MBA job prospects

January 7, 2012 by

In a recent post, I brought you some welcome news about the 2012 job outlook for MBA hires.  Well, good news is a wonderful thing in such an economic climate and WSJ’s MarketWatch threw together some interesting bullet points from GMAC’s report you might want to peruse.

With 2011 behind us and so many of you clamoring to get the GMAT out of the way before the test change in June 2012, it’s sometimes hard to lift up our heads and have a look at what happens after this whole grad school thing is over.  Well, now is a good time to do just that ‘cause it sure looks like roses…. Read full post


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