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5 Reasons to Consider Working Overseas

March 29, 2012 by

By: Mona Abdel-Halim

If you’ve considered working in another country, now might not be a bad time to do so, particularly with today’s job market still looking dismal for young professionals. In fact, over the past five years or so, the rate at which Americans are leaving the U.S. has risen sharply. The number of expatriate Americans in 2011 was around 4 million, and the number continues to rise.

Plus, these opportunities to experience new cultures and gain unique work experience will certainly set you apart from your peers in the future.

Check out these reasons to consider heading overseas for your career:

New career opportunities. Whether you currently have a job or are searching for something new, heading overseas is a great way to open up new doors for your professional life. For instance, if you’re already employed, it’s possible that you’ll meet new people within your current organization … Read full post

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