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MBA Admissions Myths Destroyed: Admissions is a Science!

November 30, 2012 by

What does a 3.8 GPA + 670 GMAT + 4 years of work experience + 3 years of community service equal?  The answer is that it could equal nothing and it could equal a letter of admission.  It is impossible to respond with confidence because admissions is absolutely not a science.  After all, if it were a science the admissions office would just do away with the entire time and resource consuming admissions process and publish a simple formula.  Why not make life that much simpler for everyone?

In some countries, there are simple tests which establish benchmarks — one gets into a top MBA program with a score of X and does not with Y.  In the United States, some graduate programs have cutoffs for GRE scores or situations where LSAT scores and grades are definitive.  Plainly put, when talking about the top global , there is no … Read full post

Eating, Drinking, and Sleeping GMAT

February 19, 2012 by

Back in December, I had my own Test Day. With all my time recently focused on the GMAT, I was a little concerned that the LSAT would be a little tough, but a few practice tests told me that I still remembered my stuff from when I taught prospective law students many years ago. In the days leading up to the test, I didn’t worry about it too much. This was a mistake.

It wasn’t that I needed to study more. The GMAT and the LSAT overlap significantly (good news for those of you considering joint JD/MBA programs!), and one of the advantages of working for Kaplan is that I get to study test-prep every day with my students. I knew the material backwards and forwards.

The problem was one of scheduling. Unlike the GMAT, which has tests every day, the LSAT is four times a … Read full post

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