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A Kaplan GMAT Alum’s Success Story: Meet Jennifer Shoemaker

April 30, 2012 by

Going to business school is a means to an end.  We use b-school to help us reach our goals, advance in our careers, and become better people.  But the desire to get a graduate management degree is not enough.  We must take many steps and work very hard just to get in the door.  The GMAT is a significant obstacle along the road to b-school.  A lot goes into preparing for the test, and the result of that preparation has a direct impact on turning our aspirations into realities.

At Kaplan, we have thousands and thousands of success stories—stories of people who, just like you, made the decision to go to business school and did what they had to do to get there.  These folks had a clear image in their minds of who they wanted to be and, most importantly, they went for it.  We are proud to … Read full post


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