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WSJ asks Kaplan what GMAT’s 2012 Integrated Reasoning change means

December 1, 2011 by

The Wall Street Journal published an article today on the impending added section to the GMAT.  In six short months, would-be b-schoolers will have to be ready to tackle a brand new question type: integrated reasoning.  The basic format will be a set of data from which test takers must identify relationships and draw conclusions.  This new section will replace one of the essays and give admissions officers one more score to assess their applicants.

WSJ, America’s most widely circulated daily paper, reached out to Kaplan to learn more about what this means for test takers now and those that wait until June to wrestle the new GMAT.  Our director of pre-business programs, Andrew Mitchell, is one of many experts who recognize the value-add the new q-types offer.  “You’re much more likely to have to analyze an integrated set of data than you are to do a geometry … Read full post

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