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GMAT Sentence Correction: Getting Cozy with Modifiers

June 2, 2012 by

Modifier errors occupy a firm spot in the big 7 error types seen in GMAT sentence correction and can be one of the tougher error types to spot because errors in modification are common in colloquial English. However, once you know the common patterns behind the errors, you can spot them quickly on test day. Learning the patterns in modification errors on the GMAT does not mean that you have to blow the dust and cobwebs off the grammar textbook. A few specifics are all that you need to cover the lion’s share of the modification questions that you will see on test day. So, let’s get cozy with GMAT modifiers.

Modifiers come in many forms; they can be single words or phrases, adjectives or adverbs. Remember, adjectives are those words or phrases that modify or describe nouns and pronouns; adverbs are those words and phrases that modify verbs, adjectives, … Read full post

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