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Managing Anxiety for the GMAT and Admissions

December 21, 2012 by

At this time of year, a lot of folks out there are stressing over an impending GMAT test date or looming admission decisions.  Most likely, it’s both.  ‘Tis the season for aspirant graduate students to hurry to meet application deadlines only to have to wait weeks (if not months) to receive word from their targeted MBA programs.

Although the end-of-year holidays usually mean time off work, too much eating and drinking, and gifts from friends and family, it is certainly not a time devoid of its own inherent stressors.  And, if that stress was not enough, the myriad facets of b-school admissions serving as compounding factors can leave many of us curled up in our beds under the weight of it all.

Of course, nail-biting shrouded in an electric blanket does us no good and, in fact, makes things worse.  Here are some ideas on how to push back … Read full post


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