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GMAT Errors: Avoid Face-Palm Moments

June 25, 2012 by

How many times have you reviewed a question that you missed in practice and had that “face-palm” moment in which you realize that you missed something because you stopped too soon or solved for the opposite or just a portion of what the question was asking for? It happens too many times for most test-takers. So many of the mistakes made on the GMAT are avoidable errors. This is especially true on the simpler quantitative problems, because test-takers commonly let their guard down on the easier problems. They take the moment to breathe and end up walking straight into an easy error even though they understand the concept being tested.

Take this question for example:

There are 84 supermarkets in the FGH chain. All of them are either in the US or Canada. If there are 22 more FGH supermarkets in the US than in Canada, how many FGH … Read full post

When Algebra can take too much time on the GMAT

March 3, 2012 by

When most of my students start preparing for the GMAT, they are not very confident in their math ability for a variety of reasons.  But, once in a while I will get a student that is very comfortable solving problems algebraically.  On one hand, this is great.  Algebra is an important skill on the GMAT and all students should master it before they take their test.  However, there is a downside to this confidence.  Many of these students do not want to learn, and do not spend time on, other strategies that can be useful to solve problems.

If you can find the correct answer to a question algebraically and do so in under two minutes, you can feel free to use algebra.  But you also need to remember that you have other options to solve these questions and sometimes those other options will be faster.  Just because it … Read full post

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