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Give Away this Foundation’s Money – Learning by Giving

July 15, 2013 by

Learning-By-GivingYou’ve heard about MOOCs – massive open online courses. They are free, interactive, online courses aimed at sharing and growing community and giving open educational access. Well, this MOOC is one of the coolest out there, and if you sign up, you can have a real impact in your community.

This summer, Kaplan would like to share with all of you the opportunity to get funding for your favorite local charities through the first-ever free online course on philanthropy, offered by our friends at The Learning By Giving Foundation. The Foundation, started and funded by Warren Buffett’s sister Doris, has offered this course at universities for several years. Now it’s available to the public for free – and at the end of the course, you’ll get to decide how to best give away the foundation’s money!

You can pre-register for the course at



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