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Kaplan GMAT Blog: Post #150

March 28, 2013 by

Looking BackMy last retrospective was when I hit fifty. Number one hundred was overshadowed by the test change so there was not an opportunity for much fanfare. However, Elite GMAT Instructor, Justin Doff, asked me what some of my favorite posts were just after I told him that #149 was up on the blogroll. “Geez, that’s a tough one… but it’s a great idea for #150!” I replied.

Nineteen months and one hundred fifty posts later… Here is a list of some of my favorites, or at least these are posts GMAT blog readers might find interesting.




GMAT Prep- Clean as You Go

- GMAT Coaches and GMAT Players

- Take Notes

- Setting Sensible GMAT Goals

- GMAT Tip: Got a Question? Ask it.

- The GMAT Needs a Runway

- GMAT Leverage: Make Your Strengths Even Stronger

- Ben Franklin Would Kill the GMAT

- GMAT Prep: Attitude is Critical


About the GMAT- GMAT Validity

- GMAT Essays: Computers Score Your Work, and They are Really Good at It

- GMAT Face Validity

- GMAT: The Little Things Matter

- The 4 Truths of the GMAT Argument Essay

- Who Takes the GMAT?

- Integrated Reasoning: 9 Months In

 Taking the GMAT- Never Cancel Your GMAT Score

- Cheating on the GMAT

- ‘Twas the Night Before GMAT

- Taking the GMAT Twice

- GMAT Word Problems: Own Them to Conquer Them


Higher Education/Academia- Business Students are as Lax as the Education They are Supposedly Receiving

- Academic Integrity Matters: Pt. 1, Pt. 2

- Experiential Learning Programs Give Rise to Professional Field Training Programs

- Are Business Schools on the Right Path? Pt. 1, Pt. 2


 MBA- The MBA and Woody Allen

- Certified Managers, Right?

- Social MBA

- MBA Pay: You Pay for the Degree, but Will it Pay You Back?

- Is Business School for Entrepreneurs?

- More MBAs at Apple Under Tim Cook

- MBA Pay is Falling, Right?


 Miscellaneous- Sustainability?

- Invisible Hand: Pt.1, Pt. 2

- American Small Business: Is the EPA Crushing Our Spine?

- The Art of Business

- Student Loan Debt Market: Too Big to Fail?




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