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Kaplan & the sexiest job of the 21st century

November 1, 2012 by

Data.  Whisper it slowly, softly.  Think of all the poems written throughout history longing to capture the sublime intimate immensity of the human data experience.  Think of the endless songs of heartbreak, devotion, and passion that carom across the significance of data.

Let’s take this to the next level—let’s leave the mushy stuff behind and go straight for carnal, hard-hitting sex appeal.  Let’s pair “data” with “scientist.”

According to an October 2012 Harvard Business Review article, ‘data scientist’ is the sexiest job of the 21st Century.  Data analysts working with Facebook and LinkedIn came up with the job title only four years ago in 2008 to describe a large contingent of the labor force that had long been wrangling, interpreting, and using to forecast the colossal numerical records our digital age generates.  As evidence the sheer volume of information these libidinous professionals are charged with mining, a quote from the aforementioned article: “If your organization stores multiple petabytes of data…”  A ‘petabyte’ is equivalent to one million gigs.  That’s a lot of thumb drives.

Data scientists are the sum of a unique set of parts and forward-, strategic-thinking companies are utilizing the distinctive minds to innovate.  Kaplan Test Prep did not go unnoticed by the HBR article:

“The test-preparation firm Kaplan uses its data scientists to uncover effective learning strategies.”

As the leader in test preparation, it is our mission to provide the most accurate, effective, and robust resources in order to ensure the success of our clients.  With more material than even our most ambitious students can work through, Kaplan collects massive amounts of performance data.  Our scientists bring their creative minds to bear on this information to ensure continuous improvement and uncover the most ground-breaking and successful test preparation curriculum available in the world.

So, what do you think of Harvard Business Review’s take on this new and “sexy” profession?


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