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Business School Case Studies in Real-time

March 10, 2012 by

What MBA student doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned case study?  Look, not all of them will be life-changing, but those studies were developed to with purpose and intent by business school professors and doctoral students.  In most cases, students must transport themselves back in time, analyze a situation, make some decisions, and then leap back to the present under the expectation they will be able to apply what was learned at some point in the future.

All that time travel can impede the transference of the intended lessons and knowledge.  Further, the experience might be fraught with participants questioning relevance or struggling with an inability to relate to what happened at Hormel from 1985-86.  After all, it is really hard to get past some of those haircuts.

US News posted an article noting an interesting trend in MBA education.  The massively impressive exchange and dissemination of information at remarkable speed is prompting a change in how b-schoolers study business.  Yet, as the article notes, the old case studies that pick apart past events are not useless dinosaurs.  Rather, experience analyzing seminal studies allows for deep and accurate evaluation of current events, and those current events are gaining more and more prominence in classroom curricula.  Via videoconferencing, students can even speak to the executives in the middle of the melee.

These are exciting times to be a student, and you will be expected to proactively guide and influence what you are learning and how you are learning it in the modern classroom.  Ready?


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