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Business School Strategy on One Page

November 10, 2011 by

I ran across a post on the HBR Blog Network about strategy entitled, “Strategy on One Page.”  It’s an interesting little tool useful for summarizing the overarching strategic direction of a company through four directed questions:


  1. Why do you exist (what’s the big idea)?
  2. What is your value proposition?
  3. Who are you trying to serve?
  4. How do you know you are winning?


As I was reading through the article, I found myself directing the questions inwardly.  As it turns out, these questions are useful as a tool for personal reflection.  For you, dear reader, these are a fantastic set of queries to ask yourself as you embark on the road toward a graduate degree in business.  Try it out.  What are your answers?  One immediate application of the information that bubbles to the surface, by the way, is on those admissions essays you keep putting off.


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