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Top 5 Secrets of Earning a High GMAT Score

September 29, 2014 by

Hoping to unlock the good life by going to business school? It starts with a high GMAT score. It takes serious drive and dedication to become a skilled test taker. These five tips will help you on the path to success.

Top 5 Secrets of Earning a High GMAT Score…

Average test-takers see the GMAT as a fearsome roadblock, or a nuisance. 700+ test-takers see the test as an evenly matched competitor, and not something superior, and thus look at it as an exciting challenge.


They balance strengths & weaknesses; quantitative and verbal.


They welcome mistakes, because mistakes are where new points will come from. They look for patterns of holes or flaws in their game on every question, and find a resolution that’s achievable under test conditions.


They train rigorously (instead of studying). They have a set training schedule in a conducive environment, … Read full post

MBA News: This Week’s Top Headlines in Business Education

September 26, 2014 by

Hoping to unlock the good life by going to business school? Stay on top of what’s making news in business education today with these latest headlines, recaps, and studies about the  MBA admissions process.

From Wharton topping Harvard in the coveted category of average GMAT score, to business school admissions officers frowning on “helicopter parenting,” here are this week’s highlights in MBA education news:

  • For the first time ever, the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School has an average GMAT score for its new class of MBA students that beats the average GMAT score for Harvard Business School’s new class: 728 vs. 726. While Wharton’s 728 mean score only went up three points from last year, the new high is a sizable increase over its 718 score in the previous four years. Meanwhile, Stanford School of Business has yet to release its own average GMAT score, and, historically, they’ve been
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Why Get an MBA?

September 25, 2014 by

By its very nature, business school is a means to an end. The benefits of business school are numerous: it can help us reach our goals, advance in our careers, and become better people.

At Kaplan, we have thousands and thousands of success stories—stories of people who, just like you, figured out how to get an MBA and made the decision to pursue it. Each of them answered the question, “why go to business school?” differently; what they had in common was a clear image in their minds of who they wanted to be and—most importantly—the will to go for it.

One such individual is Jennifer Shoemaker, a certified public accountant, marathon runner, and amateur boxer. To land her dream job and take her career to the next level, she needed an advanced accounting degree from a top business school.

After prepping with Kaplan and figuring … Read full post

MBA News: Top Headlines and Recaps This Week

September 19, 2014 by

Looking to unlock the good life by going to business school? Best to stay on top of the current MBA news. Check out some of the latest headlines, recaps, and studies about the MBA admissions process from media outlets across the country.

From parents of prospective MBAs having to foot more of their kids’ tuition bills, to a proliferation of GRE applications being submitted instead of GMAT applications, it’s been a busy few weeks. Here are some highlights in this month’s MBA news:

A new study finds that aspiring MBA applicants are increasingly planning to turn to their parents to help finance their education. Note the small gender gap. Women, who generally enter the MBA admissions process at a younger age and with less financial means, are more likely to have their parents involved in the financial aid equation than men are. (The Wall Street Journal)

Mentors can … Read full post

How Social Business Expert Jeff Gibbard Targeted His Top Business Schools

September 18, 2014 by

Jeff Gibbard never had a problem with creativity. But in order to unlock the good life by getting his social business agency off the ground, he needed to give himself a left-brain advantage to get into his top business schools. After studying for the GMAT with Kaplan, he got a scholarship to Drexel’s fast-track MBA program and eventually founded his own social business agency.

Learn how he did it in this Kaplan Q&A with Gibbard.

Q: Why did you decide to get an MBA? 

A: My undergrad degree was in film and media arts. During my studies, I explored other creative outlets, such as photography, graphic design, and basic web development. I tried to start a few businesses, and it quickly became very clear that, in order to reach my full potential, I needed a business education.

Q: So after you decided to go for an MBA, what was … Read full post

Veterans Returning from Military Service Get Down to Business

September 15, 2014 by

Since 2001, more than one million military veterans have been returning from Afghanistan and Iraq only to face high unemployment rates and a poor job outlook, so it’s no surprise that veterans are turning to higher education—including business school—when they return from military service.

Veteran applicants are highly sought in business schools, because the qualities that carry you through the military also make you successful in your business school education and career.

So follow our tips for getting into business school by presenting your military service application the right way.

Why business schools love veterans

1. Leadership … and more. Whatever your rank in the military, you’ve been a leader—and sometimes more importantly—a follower.

“Military candidates are already leaders, and they have had significant experiences in team building, leading under pressure, and performing in stressful situations…. These are invaluable skills in the MBA classroom and in post-MBA … Read full post

Studying for the GMAT While Staying Focused and Healthy

September 10, 2014 by

If you’re about to start studying for the GMAT, your life is going to undergo some temporary changes. Odds are, your professors, parents, and peers have already started giving you some study tips to coach you through the two to three months of recommended GMAT prep you’ll need.

You’ve probably thought about some of the adjustments you’re going to have to make to your schedule and your lifestyle: adding a study session every day, scaling back on social plans, lugging around books, and spending lots of time on your cell phone—not texting, but playing with a GMAT app.

Of course, prep is important, but staying focused and keeping healthy while studying for the GMAT is just as crucial. How much change to your everyday life is too much? Where do you draw the line?

Staying focused during your GMAT prep

Has this ever happened to you? You’re driving … Read full post

Is Round One the Best Time to Apply for MBA Admissions?

September 9, 2014 by

Future MBAs have a lot to keep track of when applying to business school, so we’re here to provide some straight talk on the issue of admissions rounds for business school—namely, whether applying in round one, round two, or round three is best for your particular strengths.

Many MBA admissions officers will tell candidates that if they can submit their applications in round one—or at least avoid round three—they should do so, the logic being that most of the spots in the class will be filled by strong applicants by the time round three comes along.

But there are no absolute rules for when to apply; it is dependent upon the strength of the business school candidate. Before applying, every candidate should think about which round is best for him or her as an individual. Inevitably, there are two common questions that crop up during the MBA admissions process…. Read full post

How to Make Your MBA Application Checklist

September 8, 2014 by

Everybody’s business school application timeline is different and dependent upon his or her own schedule, but the application checklist is pretty consistent across the board.

It’s never too early to start putting together your MBA application. While you’re gathering your materials, it’s a good time to take stock of your progress and determine your next steps. Where are you in the process now? Where would you like to be next week, next month? We’ve put together some tips to get you going!

Before you apply to business school

Start at the beginning with the bigger questions before focusing on specifics like taking the GMAT and writing your personal essay.

Have you…

MBA Application Rounds—Which is Right for You?

September 4, 2014 by

Did you know that most business schools process MBA applications in rounds? What does that mean for you? Well, for most schools, it means that there are three separate application deadlines—or rounds—of processing. How does this play into your business school admissions strategy?

Round one: application deadlines in September—October

Round one sees some of the best MBA applications. Those who apply in the fall are often candidates with good grades, solid work experience, and high levels of organization in their activities. If you are a strong MBA candidate, it is probably a good idea to apply in round one. Submit in the earliest round possible provided you don’t compromise the quality of your application.

Not to suggest you should postpone the process unnecessarily, even if you are not the most well-rounded candidate. If your GMAT scores are above 600, the early deadline is the one for you. In … Read full post

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